Portable Tow Truck

Just because a product is sold on TV does not mean that it is junk. Some of the best products ever made have started as direct response itesm. Items like Oxyclean, the Ronco products and more. These products have gone on to become household names.

Used By Two Major

Overnight Shipping Companies

Don't get stuck without a Portable Tow Truck! The Portable Tow Truck is used by both of the major shipping companies to help keep their deliveries on schedule. It has successfully extracted their fleet of vehicles from snow, mud, sand and more. Due to the success of this product with their drivers we recieve countless numbers of orders from word of mouth. Recently we had an order from a gentleman in Colorado after a delivery driver used the Portable Tow Truck to get unstuck from the customers driveway! Read testimonials here


Don't let another day go by without ordering a set of the Portable Tow Truck for each of your vehicles. We have helped thousands of drivers save time and money on expensive tow bills.